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Moshoeshoe 1 international Airport

Moshoeshoe 1 international Airport is the best Air Ways Center in Lesotho

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Welcome to the Department of Civil Aviation - Lesotho

The mission of the department of Civil Aviation is  “to provide for the control, regulation and development of aviation in Lesotho and for other matters incidental thereto and to give effect to the Chicago Convention and the Transit Agreement” (Aviation Act, 1975. ACT NO. 32 OF 1975 p.86).




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1. Amongst the challenges that Civil Aviation is faced with in Lesotho is encroachment and vandalism of the domestic aerodromes. Though some of the aerodromes have not been used for a long time, they are still public assets that are to benefit Basotho. Air transport plays a vital role in connecting different regions in Lesotho over the inaccessible areas.

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